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Hi there

I discovered UX design after working for years in healthcare and knowing I needed a change. I wanted to create beautiful products and make others actually feel something when they interacted with them.


UX design gives me the opportunity to expand on my experience implementing accessibility guidelines, creating engaging visuals, and producing great copy. I can continue to use the same sense of empathy that attracted me to healthcare as a driving force behind my designs. Most importantly, UX design offers me the ability to be creative and continuously hone my skills in the ever-changing tech industry. 


My education taught me how to use the design thinking process to develop truly human-centered products. I learned to use specific design techniques such as user research, wireframing, and user testing to build applications from scratch. 


I love the combination of human psychology and innovation that UX offers, and I’m excited to provide people with memorable experiences while challenging myself each step of the way. 

If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work, simply reach out!

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What I'm Reading:

UX for Lean Startups by Laura Klein

What I'm Learning:

Lean UX

What I'm listening to:

Design MBA podcast

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